About Wendy Wendy is the reigning Ms. Plus Intercontinental 2021; globally representing women over a size 12 and over the age of 35 for the Miss Plus World pageant system. Wendy has made it her cause to champion, bring education and a healing inspiration to people with Pulmonary Fibrosis. She also is a creative, inspiring and motivational leader that helps others to attain their dreams by encouraging them to think outside the box, embrace self-love and be their best. In addition to Wendy’s job as a regional director at a top 10 healthcare organization in the United States, she is a national and international public speaker, emcee, panelist, mentor, author, and model. She is currently working on her PhD. Her Approach To inspire and motivate others into thinking outside of the box and embrace self-love. Wendy’s legacy and spreading happiness along this journey in life is her mission.  She has an infectious bubbly personality that shines through on the runway or speaking in front of thousands. It’s not a surprise that her nickname is Sunshine!

Wendy M. Roach

Ms. Plus Intercontinental 2021

Wendy’s Team: 

Publicist and Media Contact – Ricky Eaton

Hair and Makeup Artistry – Yadira Amador

       Wendy Roach, RDMS, CHAM, Ms. Plus Intercontinental 2021, is a plus-size model, author, public speaker, volunteer, doctorate student, and regional director at a top five healthcare company in the United States. Early in her healthcare career, she detected brain cancer in a patient while performing an ultrasound exam. This was a turning point that kick-started her journey of building a legacy of saving lives, empowering others, and promoting leadership skills. With engagements as Ms. Plus Intercontinental 2021, speaking on a global stage, and peer-to-peer training, Wendy seeks to share her knowledge in hopes of spreading her legacy of leadership and self-empowerment. Wendy frequently asks herself if the activities from her day connect to her values to better align her activities and her values.

        Wendy won the title of Ms. Plus Intercontinental 2021 with the Miss Plus World pageant system. Shortly after winning her title, the world was put on lockdown due to a global pandemic. With a quick change in direction she focused her efforts on spreading her legacy with the Ms. Plus Intercontinental 2021 title through virtual engagements. Her quick pivot was successful even under the added stress of being a regional director in healthcare during a global pandemic. With the world opening back up and  life continuing to move forward, Wendy’s travels internationally and domestically to spread her legacy and her message of self-acceptance, leadership and celebrating being “uniquely you” to help others achieve greatness and their best life. 

Wendy's Team

Publicist and Media Contact

Emma Medeiros (https://www.medeirosfashionpr.net/)
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Hair and Makeup Artistry 

Yadira Amador


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