Ms. Plus Intercontinental 2021

Reign in Review

With my reign coming to an end I feel it is best to look back and reflect on things I was able to accomplish. It was a year full of engagements and making new friends, even in the face of covid restrictions. In total, I traveled enough to circumvent the earth 1.02 times, exactly 25,356 miles. I also volunteered over 289.17 hours of my time, which is just over 7 full work weeks.

Below are just some of the highlights from my reign. To learn about the Ms. Plus Intercontinental pageant visit

February 2021

Crowned in February

I was crowned Ms. Plus Intercontinental in February of 2021. It was a dream come true. Due to covid restrictions, the format of the pageant was all virtual. 

Featured in Malaysia World News

Shortly after I won my crown the Malaysian World News featured me in an article that outlined my efforts leading up to the crown. Ziinine A. Britshi was a pleasure to work with. 

You can read the article at the link below. 

March 2021

Ms. Plus Intercontinental
Gift Box Unwrapping

My sash and crown arrived along with other items I was gifted after winning Ms. Intercontinental 2021 from our generous sponsors. Watch as I unpack and show all the cool prizes. Including my trophies for Ms. Plus Intercontinental Denim Couture Winner 2021, Ms. Plus Intercontinental Evening Gown Winner 2021, Ms. Plus Intercontinental Costume Winner 2021, and of course a trophy for  Miss Plus World Pageant Division Winner – Ms. Plus Intercontinental 2021.

New Orleans

As an international beauty queen, it was important for me to connect with people around the world. Unfortunately, travel was restricted due to COVID. That didn’t stop me from traveling to New Orleans in March. This was the first stop of a few in-person expeditions that I made as Ms. Plus Intercontinental 2021. It was wonderful meeting the team at the Southern Costume Company. They actually made the frame to my winning costume.  

Celebrating Women Event

I had a speaking engagement during an international virtual event celebrating women around the world. It was an incredible honor to be invited to speak with such wonderful women. They are all truly inspiring. 

April 2021

Panelist for NAHAM

I had a wonderful time as a panelist on the National Association of Healthcare Access Management (NAHAM). NAHAM is one of the many organizations that I volunteer with.

For more information on the Patient Access industry visit the association’s webpage

Sophisticated Curves!
Sponsorship Unboxing

I could not have asked for a better sponsor than Sophisticated Curves! They create such cute, fun, and sexy clothing. This sponsorship was part of my package from winning Ms. Plus Intercontinental 2021. 

May 2021

Photoshoot with Miss Plus World 2021
Randeika Foulkes-Cartwright

I joined Miss Plus World Randeika Foulkes-Cartwright for a photoshoot in the Bahamas. We took our official head shots for the Miss Plus World Pageant system. Thank you to Susy Madrigal for the evening gound and Sophisticated Curves for the beautiful dress. LucyLu provided hair and makeup. 

The Bahamas

With travel opening up I had the pleasure of going to the Bahamas on a mission to talk to women of all shapes and sizes about the Miss Plus World pageant system. I was given a tour by Miss Plus World 2021 Randeika Foulkes-Cartwright.

This was the first international in-person tour of my reign. 

June 2021


Traveling with the crown is so much fun. I enjoy the people that it connects me with while I am out ant about. June started with a packed weekend trip to Arizona. I met people from Brazil, Spain, Mexico, South Korea and the U.S. during a festival for bachata, salsa, and Brazilian zouk. It was a weekend filled with body positivity, self love, and expression through dance.  I also had the pleasure of meeting Cory Thomas who made my headpiece for my winning costume. 


Purposely Pink Fashion Show

It is always fun engaging with fashion shows. Especially with a crown. The Purposely Pink Fashion Show & Luncheon is extra fun because their event supports cancer research. 

❤Queens supporting causes❤

July 2021

American Royal Beauties Panel Judge

The American Royal Beauties pageant in Cincinnati, Ohio invited me to be a main panel judge. It was a great way to start July.

Learn more here: 
American Royal Beauties

Get inspired with Menika - July

Menika Mishra, located in Singapore, invited me to collaborate on the Get Inspired With Menika social media project. It is always fun connecting with communities around the world.

August 2021

Malaysia World News

I was featured in an article in the Malaysian World News next to Miss Plus World 2021 crown holder  Randeika Foulkes-Cartwright. 


“We are confident, we are creative, we are intelligent, and we are world changers.”
– Wendy Roach

Miss Plus World Malaysia
Women's Abilities & Empowerment

I was invited to speak at the Miss Plus World Malaysia Women’s Abilities & Empowerment Seminar. It was an amazing panel of speakers sharing life-changing stories.

September 2021

She Is The Ish, Extraordinary Women

Had the blessed opportunity to participate on a book collaboration with other women on “She Is The Ish Extraordinary Women”. This was the first of my published book collaborations for 2021.

Trinidad & Tobago

Miss Plus World Trinidad and Tobago invited me to speak with their delegates about pageantry, empowerment, and being a positive example for other women.

American Beauties Nationals

I visited the American Beauties Nationals in Cincinnati, Ohio with my friend Lovice Craig Petty Brinkman. I met so many inspiring women during this engagement. It was the perfect opportunity to wear my black wrap dress from Sophisticated Curves along with my travel crown and sash from Miss Plus World. 

Pacific Rim Radio

Connecting with other countries while reigning during a pandemic is difficult. One way around this is virtual engagements. I touched Japan with the original form of virtual engagements, radio. I had a lovely interview with Reiko Tokushige Rogers and Hiroko Iijima of Pacific Rim Radio in Hawaii.


Hawaii was one of the capstones of my reign. I met up with Sanoe Tuitele (Miss Plus World 2019), I stood up on a surfboard, had a photoshoot on the beach, and met some amazing people while volunteering on behalf of Marleighs Ministry.


Malaysia World News Article - September

I was featured again in the Malaysia World News. This time along side my pageant sisters from Malaysia. 

October 2021

Becker's Healthcare Executive Roundtable

I participated in the Becker’s Healthcare executive roundtable discussion.

Influencer Weekly

Andrea, from Influencer Weekly, interviewed me for their website about my best tips for being a social media influencer. 

She Is The Ish, Creative Writing Showcase

She Is The Ish invited me to collaborate on another book! This time I published poetry in their Creative Writing Showcase.

American Elegance Pageant

I attended the American Elegance pageant with my crown and had the opportunity to support sister queens and kings from other pageant systems. Always a great time watching pageant competitions!

November 2021

Volunteer Thanksgiving Meal

Community outreach is important to me. Especially volunteering for cause. This Thanksgiving I volunteered with Feed My Staving Children to pack meals for children around the world.

Sophisticated Curves Cyber Monday

In partnership with Sophisticated Curves I was able to extend a discount to my followers for Cyber Monday.

December 2021

Plus Pageants Network

I joined my sister queen The Reigning Miss Plus World Randeika Foulkes-Cartright on the Plus Pageants Network on Facebook. We had a great time discussing the Miss Plus World Pageant System.

New Years Eve Message

Every year brings a new journey. Here is my message entering into 2022

January 2022

Top 10 Headshot of 2021

Pageant Plant named me as one of the top 10 headshots of 2021.

Kenna Bee Boutique Pageant Event

Attended Kenna Bee Boutique’s “The Pageant Event” in Milwaukee Wisconsin and walked in their fashion show for Autumn’s Closet. It was fun to get out and visit with other queens from around the US.

Queen's Don't Settle Podcast

I joined Radesha Dixon on her podcast Queen’s Don’t Settle for a about being a plus-size pageant queen.


Miss Plus World Malaysia

I was invited to speak at the Miss Plus World Malaysia pageant. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, I was unable to attend in person. I was able to make a virtual appearance at their pageant. 

February 2022

New York Fashion Week

I was invited to walk in New York Fashion Week. It was fun exploring New York City and representing the crown in public.

Feel Good Talk

Following my walk in New York Fashion Week I jumped into the hot seat with Feel Good Talk for a quick interview. 

March 2022

Shout Out Sunday

I took a (virtual) trip to the UK for a conversation with Jade from Shout Out Sunday. 


Follow Shout Out Sunday here:


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