April 2024 Wendy WINS Global Beauty Award!

We caught up with Wendy to recap her month and also to ask her about the Global Beauty Awards that was held in Seattle, Washington. “I am honored to have won the Morgan Pierce Every Body is Beautiful Award and to receive the award from Lisa Pierce (Morgan’s mom).” Lisa sponsored this award in honor for her daughter that she lost to bulimia. When presenting the award Lisa said: “Embodying body positivity, embracing what makes their body unique, and encouraging others to do the same is at the core of why I’ve sponsored this award.” We are so glad that the voting committee sees what we see in Wendy; how she helps others to embrace who they are by celebrating being “uniquely you” and living her best life at any size.

While at The Global Beauty Awards Wendy walked the runway in a asymmetrical one shoulder black dress designed by Susy Madrigal and a black wide brimmed hat. Wendy never disappoints on the runway and was the talk of the evening for her outfit and runway walk. She also had the chance to catch up with film producer Amy Emmerich (Refinery29), the first female owner of a sports management company Denise White (EAG Sports Management) and author/former White House presidential physician Dr. Connie Mariano. Wendy commented “it’s so empowering and inspiring to spend time with these incredible accomplished women who are sharing their stories of trail and success. We all have so much to learn from one another if we just take the time to listen to each others stories.”

In the beginning of the month, Wendy attended a conference in Chicago, ILL. While at the conference, she saw former President George W. Bush. Where she said: “He has fabulous stories and is incredibly down to earth. This is the second time that I have seen him and he is so funny!” Martha Stewart was also there and spoke about her new series about gardening and her friendship with Snoop Dog. Wendy said her favorite at this conference was TV personality, CEO and former professional football player Michael Strahan. “Michael shared some wonderful thoughts about his journey in life and how he navigated through change. In addition, he was authentic and reminds that you must be kind to yourself first. Always great words to hear because we can often forget.”

Also in April, Wendy was training models for the Walk for a Cause Charity Fashion Show taking place in May. Wendy is one of the Chicago Casting Coordinators for this important event.

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