May 2024

Chicago Billboard and Fashion Show

If you were in Chicago on highway 90 during the week of May 13 to the 17th, then you saw Wendy on a billboard for “Siti-Girl”. Wendy’s solo billboard, located at the Taylor Street northbound exit, featured her contact information, photo and caption stating: “this siti-girl is captivating”. Wendy was in Chicago during it’s run and had the opportunity to go down and see it along with taking some photos. Check out Wendy’s Instagram for the events from her travels that day.

Runway walk for a cause anyone? Wendy walked in the Kristen Regalado Fashion Show in Chicago. Not only did Wendy hit the runway modeling a fabulous evening gown, she was also a casting coordinator and trainer for new models. When we asked Wendy about her experience, she said: “Anytime that I can share my knowledge or experiences to help aspiring models, is always so meaningful to me. Helping others is one of the best gifts that you can give for yourself and others”. All show proceeds went to support foundations that work with children’s cancer and developing children’s leadership skills.

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