January 2023 New Years Interview.

Wendy is enjoying some time to rest and recharge as she celebrates 2023. We took a moment to sit down with Wendy and ask her what her most memorable activity was from 2022 and what she is looking forward to in 2023.

“It is very difficult for me to identify only one thing from the 2022 season that was the most memorable. I have been blessed to encounter so many people and I have been pleasantly surprised at the impact that I am making to others. As we go though life, we hope that we are making a difference and sometimes we don’t necessarily see the result of the hard work or effort that we are putting in. There were several instances over the course of the year that I had people approach me with personal feedback from resulting in them creating a change in their life or being impacted by me or something that I had posted or said. One of those was from a fashion show that I did. Someone came up to me and said that they follow me on Instagram and they see themselves more positively as a result of my posts. That to me is the most memorable thing from the last year; hearing the stories from people about how I made a difference to them.”

What’s happening for 2023? “Well, I have been busy so the first is to take some time to rest and catch up. I am happily exhausted from all the work that I have been doing over the last couple of years. I am continuing with my PhD studies in organizational leadership. I am also continuing to study Korean as I really love learning about the culture and language. I think for 2023, I am going to start transitioning more into the curve modeling market. It has been my goal to revisit getting into the industry since their is so much more diversity hitting the runway now. In the past you would have to be a size 10/12 and 5’8. Now, that is not always the case. For 2023, you will see more modeling, volunteering, living my best life and helping others to embrace who they uniquely are.”

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