June 2022 Walking the runway, pageant judge for Miss Plus World Malaysia and speaker for Miss Plus World Trinidad and Tobago.

Wendy walks the runway for The Purposely Pink Fashion Show for charity. This annual event raises money and awareness to all forms of cancer. This was a particularly fun event for Wendy this year as she learned the impact that she is making on others. While backstage, someone came up to Wendy to tell her that she has inspired them to live their best life and told her about all the changes that they have made because of following her journey on social media. Wendy was very touched and was honored that someone took the time to let her know that she is making a difference in their life. Wendy wanted us to remind you that you may not know the impact that we make on others because we don’t usually get the feedback. However, keep doing what you are doing and making a positive impact…you are seen.

This month, Wendy was also a judge for the Miss Plus World Malaysia pageant. In addition to judging, Wendy took the time to speak with the contestants about how pageantry changed her life from the interactions and stories that she has shared with other women around the world.

As a keynote speaker Wendy sends wishes and welcomes the delegates to the Miss Plus World Trinidad and Tobago pageant. She also promised that she will be having a Q&A session sometime in the coming year and will be attending their national pageant.

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