November 2022 Speaker at women’s conference.

Wendy spoke at the HFMA “Ignight the Spark” Women’s Conference on the topic of “Becoming Unstoppable”. Wendy shared her life story about positive thinking, mindfulness, and actions that she took in her life to make her unstoppable. This motivational presentation gets right to the heart of changing your direction in life. When we asked Wendy about how the conference went, she had this to say: “It was fantastic! I love being able to share my story to help other women and while on stage you never know who is going to connect with your message. I had a waiter come up to me and he was crying. He said that he had lost his son to suicide a few years prior and he has been struggling living without him. He said thank you for bringing awareness to the importance of having the right mental health and for being such an inspiration. I was incredibly touched by his story, what he said to me, and the impact that I made to him that day.”

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