Wendy nominated for three Global Beauty Awards!

This is the second year in a row that Wendy has been nominated for the Global Beauty Awards. This is such an honor for Wendy to be celebrated for the tireless work that she does throughout the year. Take a look below and see her award nominations and how Wendy is living her best life.

By Wendy Roach globally inspiring body positivity and celebrating being uniquely you, she is nominated for the THE MORGAN PIERCE “EVERY BODY IS BEAUTIFUL” award. This award is creating a body positivity movement that aims to change societal and individual perceptions of weight, size and appearance to be more accepting of all bodies, regardless of their diverse characteristics. Wendy embodies body positivity and embraces what makes her body beautiful and encourages others to do the same.

Have you ever wondered how much volunteer service Wendy does though out the year? Wendy Roach is an avid pageant volunteer that exceeds over 200 hours of volunteer service annually and is nominated for the Veronica Villegas Best Volunteer Award. This Award is to honor and recognize an outstanding staff team member working behind-the-scenes ensuring all phases of a pageant show production are accomplished. No pageant show could succeed without a team of people behind-the-scenes making it happen and Wendy is happy to help.

Its no secret that Wendy is a distinguished titleholder that embodies global impact and integrity. She has held World and United States titles and is nominated for the BEST TITLEHOLDER – FOREVER. This award honors a past titleholder who upholds the highest standard and ethical and moral values of their past title and has the greatest positive impact out of all titleholders and all systems worldwide.

We wish Wendy the best of luck on her nominations!

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