April 2023 Training with Coco Rocha, featured guest on “The Spritz with Carl and Jami”, and the Global Beauty Awards.

Wendy kicked off April with a intensive model boot camp with the “Queen of Pose” Coco Rocha. “Working with Coco really changed the way that I was modeling both in photos and on the runway. I wanted to work with her to up my game and transition officially over into modeling.” Being a curvy girl, Wendy hopes to hit the ground running modeling in the curve market.

Wendy is the featured guest on “The Spritz with Carl and Jami”. On this podcast went talks about tips for living your best life and for finding your personal style. To listen to the full pod cast, please visit https://open.spotify.com/episode/0bgUgouElyeKjHl9kFEi4t?si=pVb8Ac6WTNOwvliDXG-QVA 

Wendy wrapped up April by attending the Global Beauty Awards that were held in Seattle Washington. Wendy was nominated for the “Most Impactful” award which honors someone in the pageant community who has hardships, impacted the lives of others, and/or has worked tirelessly to go after their dreams. While there, Wendy was also walking the runway in Christian Siriano for the fashion show during the red carpet event at the awards ceremony. 

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