March 2023 Walking the runway, $100,000 Pyramid casting call, and spotted on billboards…

Wendy started out the month out by being a Judge for the Miss Plus America South Carolina Pageant. As a titleholder, Wendy understands the amount of preparation and time goes into pageantry. Also, what it takes to win and then reign as a titleholder. When asked for the best advise that she could give to someone that was looking at getting into pageantry Wendy had this to say: “Do the research to find the organization that best matches to your values and beliefs. Many people that get into pageantry do not understand that when you win the title, it is then your responsibility to be the representative for that organization. So, it really is best if you are representing and organization that you believe in and can stand behind. Then after that, you need to prepare for competition and know what you are going to do if you win. When you win a title, it is like having another job and making the most of your reign will give you incredible experiences.”

Trying something new is always on Wendy’s agenda! This month she threw her hat into the competition for the television show $100,000 Pyramid hosted by Michael Strahan. How did she do in the casting calls? Wendy made it to the final casting call! She did not get cast for the shows for this round but had a great time playing the game during her casting calls for the show.

Thinking that you are seeing Wendy on a billboard in Chicago? Yes, you did! Wendy was on 2 billboards in Chicago on for “She is the ish”. One was an individual billboard on route 90 in Chicago by the Little Italy exit and a group billboard on route 90 in Chicago by Pilson. Both billboards were north bound.

Wendy was the co-host for the “House of Joy” Lucky You Fashion Show. Wendy co-hosted the event with actor Jason Zlatkus. The show was held in the fashion district at Los Angeles California’s Space 111 Studios. Did you attend LA Fashion Week and see Wendy while she was there?

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